They’re here – meet our new summer interns in Oslo (1)

Summer is here and that means summer internship at Nordea Markets. And this year we’re happy to welcome six talented summer interns.

We’re happy to meet and greet six talented summer interns welcome to Nordea Markets’ trading floor in Oslo.

On arrival on their first day, Julia, Espen, Martin, Bettina, Herman and Markus were as excited – as we were – to start their eight weeks’ internship. They are in for a couple of busy and fun months, and you get a chance to follow them closely as they will share their thoughts and experiences of working in Nordea Markets in weekly blog posts here on Nordea Markets’ career blog – starting this week.

Firstly, an introduction of each of the summer interns which come from various parts of Scandinavia and study in different European countries. In the following they each tell about their background, why they chose to apply for a summer internship at Nordea Markets – and we get to hear about their expectations and aspirations for the internship (which we will do our utmost to live up to).

In this first blog, meet three of this year’s six summer interns at Markets in Oslo:

Julia Palkowska (age 21), studies at London School of Economics

I just finished my bachelor of science in management at the London School of Economics (LSE), and I will continue my studies at LSE by pursuing a master in Accounting and Finance this September.

I am eager to explore Nordea Markets’ various areas of business, and hope to discover fields I enjoy and would like to study further during my education. Also, I see the internship as an invaluable opportunity to not only apply financial theory in a practical setting, but also get a sense of the challenging, but rewarding, career in the financial markets.

I am excited to observe how the financial markets behave in practice, as compared with the way prescribed by academic theory that I have previously studied. Having the opportunity to work alongside many of Scandinavia’s best economists and financial analysts, I am excited to both acquire new knowledge and further develop my understanding of the market drivers.

I can’t wait to be part of Nordea’s dynamic community for the next eight weeks!

Espen Ketilsønn Lyng (26), studies at The Norwegian School of Economics

I have finished my fourth year at Norwegian School of Economics, and started my master’s degree in finance last fall. This summer, I’m very happy to be given the opportunity to get to know the largest bank in the Nordics from the inside.

I’m expecting the next eight weeks to be challenging and tough, but also very rewarding. I’m looking forward to becoming familiar with all the financial terms that I only have a theoretical relation to, and see how they work in real life.

I believe the aim of the internship is to introduce us to the broad spectrum of business areas that Nordea Markets operates in, and as I yet haven’t found one single area particularly more interesting, I’m eager to explore a bit of (almost) everything.

Martin Aasheim Boger (age 24), studies at Norwegian School of Economics

I am currently studying MSc in Economics and Business Administration with a specialization in Finance at Norwegian School of Economics. I recently finished my fourth year and thus have a year left before graduation.

I applied for the internship in Nordea Markets for two main reasons. Firstly, I wanted to gain practical experience in the world of finance and increasing my skills. Secondly, I wanted to explore the different kinds of career paths, for instance foreign exchange and bonds trading to get a better understanding into what it is really like working in finance.

I am sure these eight weeks will be both challenging and rewarding.

Now, that was three out of six interns. Later we will post a second blog post, and introduce you to the three other interns; Bettina, Herman and Markus.

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