They’re here – meet our three new summer interns in Oslo (2)

Summer is here, and that means summer internship at several Nordea Markets offices. Meet this year's cool team of summer interns in Oslo.

This year we were – as always – excited and happy to greet six fresh summer interns welcome to Markets trading floor in Oslo. On arrival on their first day, last week, Mina, Magne, Henrik, Anna Emilie, Niels and Andreas were as excited – as we were – to start their internship with us. They are in for eight busy and fun weeks, and you get a chance to follow them closely as they will share their thoughts and experiences of working in Nordea Markets in weekly blog posts here on Nordea Markets’ career blog, starting this week.

Earlier on, we introduced three of the six summer interns in Oslo – and in this blog we introduce the other three interns. Read on, and learn about their background, why they chose to apply for a summer internship at Nordea Markets and hear about their expectations and aspirations for the internship (which we will do out utmost to live up to).

Meet Anna Emilie, Niels Joachim and Andreas:

Anna Emilie Endreson (age 24), studies at the Norwegian School of Economics:

“I am a student at NHH where I have completed four years. Last fall I started my master degree with Finance as my main field. And this summer I look forward to spending eight weeks as summer intern at Nordea markets in FICC.

I have high expectations for this internship and expect to learn a lot during my stay here. I am excited to gain hands-on experience in finance and learn how an FICC department works, as well as practice what I have learned from four years of studying. Finally, a summer internship in a leading Nordic bank provides the opportunity to meet a lot of knowledgeable and intelligent people, from whom I look forward to learn a lot.”

Niels Joachim Stang (age 24), studies at the Norwegian School of Economics:

“I studied for a bachelor in business administration in Trondheim, before going abroad to London for a year. I am currently enrolled at the MSc Finance programme at Norwegian School of Economics, but this summer I will intern at Nordea Markets in Norway. Just like the 5 other interns, I am excited to be a part of S&R (Sales and Research) in FICC (Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities) at Nordea Markets for the coming 8 weeks.

What place would be better to work at, than the largest bank in the Nordics to observe the real world applications of finance? The field aligns with my personals interests, because it proxies for an intersection between numbers, programming and business. In the coming weeks I will try to apply my theoretical knowledge to real world problems, while climbing the steep learning curve.

Expectations! They are high. Within these first days at Nordea, it dawned on me that people make this bank great. There is an immense amount of knowledge and resources within close proximity which I expect to tap into during the next 8 weeks. Furthermore, I expect the internship to test my entire spectre of skills, from group work to financial knowledge and drive. There will be exhausting days, late hours, seemingly impossible tasks and frustrating moments, but I’m ready to get it on!”

Click here to visit Joachim’s LinkedIn profile.

Andreas Gudmundset (age 24), studies at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark:

“I am currently studying economics at Copenhagen Business School at the master level, with finance as one of my main interests. My reason for applying for this internship was to get practical experience in a field I have studied for several years, as well as to gain insights in the everyday life of a banker. As Nordea Markets is one of the leading financial institutions in Scandinavia, it was on the top of my list of places to work.

To become great at what you do, it is important to be surrounded by great people. I hope to get to know many of the people working here, learning from their knowledge and experience. I am looking forward to increasing my knowledge of the finance business and hope to be challenged every week during my stay. My goal is also to have a positive contribution, both work-related and socially.”

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