They’re here – meet the new ambitious graduates

The canteen was buzzing with laughter and lively conversation when Nordea hosted a 'meet and greet' breakfast for this year's graduates.

At the get-together in the Nordea canteen at Christianshavn, the graduates socialised and got an introduction to the programme and learned more about the general work environment in Nordea.

We joined in, and used the cheerful occasion to talk to some of our new ambitious graduates in Markets FICC and hear about their thoughts and expectations of the programme let alone of working at Nordea.

Read along, and meet a couple of our new graduates and learn a bit more about them; their background, what they do and what they hope to achieve. For starters, meet Thea and Emil:

Thea Stensaker,
Concept & Product Development

Before I started as a graduate in Markets FICC I studied Finance and Accounting (Cand.Merc. FIR) at Copenhagen Business School. Alongside my studies I worked as a student in Nordea; first for two years in Asset Management and then for a year in Global Business Development in FICC.

I applied for this graduate position in Markets as I wanted to work in a fast paced environment where I’m constantly challenged and no day is the same.

I now work in Concept & Product Development which is a part of Financial Advisory & Investments. My tasks are a mix of guiding the IT-developers, project management and relationship management – meaning learning, listening and educating about the usage of the tool and its benefits.

Wide diversity and many nationalities

During the graduate programme I expect to learn more about Nordea, develop my strengths (and weaknesses) as well as build a network. So far, I’ve met many great people and experienced how diverse Nordea is. I think in our Wholesale Banking Graduate group, under 10% are Danish and 40% are female.

After the programme, I hope to still be in Nordea Markets FICC, either working with sales and research or project management. I enjoy working in Nordea where there is a Nordic culture, great and fun colleagues, varying and challenging tasks and a fast paced environment – which is especially the case here in FICC. Plus, I get to use my Scandinavian language skills, which makes it even more interesting.

Emil Pontus Larsson,
EUR Swap & Option Trading

There is always some element of chance with these things; applying and hiring. And in my case I was fortunate enough to find that Nordea were recruiting graduates ‘off-season’ when I graduated from studying an MSc in Industrial Engineering at Lund University in February.

With that being said, I knew – having met Nordea at several occasions as a student – that Nordea Markets was a big Nordic player in trading. Therefore, it seemed like the perfect way for me to grow and learn about the markets, and a great entry point in to the industry, which was my main reason for applying for the graduate programme.

I currently work at the EUR Swap desk (under EUR Rates Trading). On a daily basis, I quote price requests and handle the resulting risk. I also take part in developing tools that my desk use for trading for understanding our risk.

Fully focused on learning and growing

Although my first semester for the graduate programme is yet to start, I have already learned an incredible amount about the business and about trading from my first six months at the trading floor.

As to my future career aspirations, I hope to continue doing what I like the most; trading.

Going forward in the graduate programme, I hope to expand my network, develop my understanding of our business and learn skills that will be useful in my career within finance.

Right now, I am fully focused on constantly learning and growing. Hopefully, as I do so, I will be able to take on greater roles and make greater contribution to the business.



In a few weeks you can meet two other new graduates in Markets, namely Ida Maria Paaby Porsager and Jakob Moos Larsen. So stay tuned to hear about how and why Ida and Jakob entered the Nordea graduate programme, and find out what they desire and expect to achieve.

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