They’re here – meet this year’s summer interns in Oslo (2)

Get to know this year's summer interns who are working on the trading floor in Oslo.

We are excited to meet and greet six fresh summer interns welcome to Markets trading floor in Oslo – and thrilled to give you an opportunity to get to know them too.

In a previous blog post, we introduced three of this year’s six summer interns; Julia, Espen, Martin. In the following blog, you get to meet their co-interns; Bettina, Herman and Markus. They are in for eight busy and fun weeks, and you get a chance to follow them closely as they will share their thoughts and experiences of working in Nordea Markets in weekly blog posts here on Nordea Markets’ career blog, starting this week.

First, here’s an opportunity to meet and learn more about Bettina, Herman and Markus as they introduce themselves:

Bettina Roness Berg (23), studies at the Technical University of Denmark

I am currently studying at the Technical University of Denmark where I will be starting my fifth year this fall. My field of study is Mathematical Modelling and Computation with specialization within Financial Engineering.

I look forward to spending eight weeks as a summer intern at Nordea Markets and have high expectations for the internship. I am especially looking forward to the possibility of working with different financial markets, and I see the internship as a great opportunity for me to explore how mathematics and programming fit within the organisation.

Finally, it is exciting to work with some of the brightest minds in the finance industry, from whom I expect to learn a lot.

Herman Aleksander Dahl (age 25), studies at Norwegian School of Economics

I am a fourth-year student at Norwegian School of Economics, currently enrolled in my master’s degree in finance. Previously, I have had different summer jobs within the financial industry, but never within a markets division.

I am at Nordea Markets this summer to soak up as much knowledge about how a markets division works and understand different roles within the organization. I am eager to work shoulder to shoulder with experienced and hardworking colleagues to get practice within the financial industry.

My expectations this summer are to encounter a combination of hard work, high pace, a steep learning curve and a whole lot of fun. After this summer I expect to be better suited to answer two main questions; Firstly, if I would like to work within a markets division. Secondly, what kind of role my experience and personality suits. At the same time, I hope I will produce work that will be useful for my colleagues at the trading floor.

Spending my summer at Nordea Markets is a great opportunity to achieve this!

Markus Tryggvason Lanesskog (age 24), studies at Copenhagen Business School

I am currently a student at Copenhagen Business school, where I have completed four years. Last fall I started my master degree within finance and accounting (FIR). This summer I look forward to spending eight weeks at Nordea Markets.

I have great expectations for my internship here at Nordea Markets, and look forward to the steep learning curve where I get to set theory into practice. Banks are changing rapidly these days, with new technology and laws, and it is exciting to see how Nordea is transforming from the inside.

My first days at Nordea has been great, and it is truly inspiring to work at a place where everybody is passionate about their work, and eager to share their knowledge!

If you haven’t met the other three interns; Julia, Espen and Martin read the previous blog post.

And then stay tuned – coming up is the first of a series of weekly blogs written (and/or filmed) by the summer interns themselves, describing their every-day life at Nordea Markets trading floor during the summer.

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