”Trend is friend” and other insights for 2015

For the third time, Nordea Markets arranged the largest customer event of the year in Helsinki. See what topics customers are currently interested in.

Do you know which specific investment topics are the customers currently interested in? At my daily work as an associate analyst, I don’t yet meet customers regularly and thus this question is unfortunately easily left for too little attention. However, I got a great opportunity to discover my inner sales manager a couple of weeks ago, which I was extremely excited about.

For the third time, Nordea Markets arranged the largest customer event of the year in Helsinki. I was representing the risk advisory team with other participants from our asset sales and research teams. The annual Investor Day is targeted at a specified clientele, and this year we reached the record of over 400 private and corporate customers.

The daily schedule included three lecture sets concerning current market topics and on the breaks we discussed the lecture contents and other market issues with the visitors. The lectures dealt with e.g. investing in the low interest rate environment, investment suggestions for active investors in 2015, and exploiting yield curve and leverage to increase expected return of investments. The day gave me a perfect overview of what our customers are currently interested in from the viewpoint of investing. Especially current topics, such as fickle oil price and low interest rates raised questions, and visitors were pleased to see that e.g. the oil market is considered in our structured products offering.

After the lectures, the evening ended with the panel discussion about what is expected to be seen on the market during 2015. The panel concluded that no big changes have occurred in the Finnish market compared to last year, and we’ll still have to wait for the market to speed up. The panel discussion raised questions in the audience and the conversations continued in a relaxed atmosphere musically accompanied by a jazz triplet. The evening received an excellent feedback from the participants, praising especially the economic outlook review held by our economist Pasi Sorjonen. We’ll see what new will be planned for next year.




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