Tune into our new graduates – sharing hopes and goals

Nordea's graduate programme has kicked-off - and here's your change to get closer to our talented graduates exploring Markets and the world of finance

In our recent graduate blog, you had the chance to meet three of our new Markets graduates; namely Matteo Conti, Viktoria Voskressenskaia, and Jens Mattlin, as we attended the “Meet & Greet” breakfast and mingling events held at our head offices in Copenhagen, Olso and Stockholm.

graduate breakfast #2

A glimpse from the “Meet & Greet” breakfast event in Copenhagen, where the new graduates mingled with current and former graduates.

Now, we’re thrilled to introduce four of our other new talented graduates, Agnethe Stenersen Lie, Martin Wisth Kolltveit, Sanna Ohde and Darko Blazevic, who are just as eager to learn from the graduate programme, advance their careers and contribute to Nordea Markets.

Read on, and get to know how the four graduates made their way to Markets’ graduate programme, why they have chosen to kick-start their career at Nordea, and what they hope to achieve.

agnethe stenersen lie graduateAgnethe Stenersen Lie (24), Equities, Copenhagen

I have studied Applied Economics and Finance at Copenhagen Business School. I am a graduate within Equities, meaning that I will try out both trading execution and equity sales.

I applied for the Nordea Graduate Programme because I’m eager to continue a steep learning curve after my studies and doing so with hands-on learning. Furthermore, I really like how Nordea Markets gives you insight and responsibility for your own learning and accomplishments from day one.

During my time as a graduate I hope that I will develop my professional and personal skills and I believe the Graduate Programme will give me a unique network across the different countries and divisions in Nordea. I am so excited about all the possibilities to learn, meet new people, including employees and clients, and the whole on-boarding process.

My goals is to work within Equity Sales and to continuously develop my knowledge.

martin wisth kolltveit graduate

Martin Wisth Kolltveit (24), FX Sales & Distribution, Oslo

I took my M.Sc. in Finance and as an intern in Nordea Markets during the summer of 2018, I got a very good impression of Nordea as a future workplace. It seemed like a very good place to begin my professional career to work with and learn form the best. The graduate program I was presented with during the interview phase was by far the most organized and well-structured program I had seen, which made my choice easy.

I hope to get a good understanding of how the financial market actually works. I have been through the theory at university, but my (short) experience has shown me that the real world is something quite different. I hope to connect with many new colleagues, and make a lot of new friends across all countries.

I am lucky enough to start in FX Sales & Distribution, where I will have the chance to experience a wide range of products. My team deals with everything FX related, which can be quite overwhelming when coming straight from university. However, I find it very interesting to learn and understand these products, and my team is very supportive. I have already had the opportunity to speak with customers and I find that part of the job very exciting.

In the short term, my goal is to gain a deep understanding of the mechanics within the FX universe. In the slightly longer term, I wish to trade on behalf of others, and be a trusted advisor for all types of customers.

sanna ohde graduateSanna Ohde (25), Investments, Stockholm

I finished a Master in Accounting and Financial Management this spring. I applied for the Nordea Graduate programme as I saw it as an opportunity to get a great understanding of a large financial institution. I have been interested in the stock market for a couple of years and I wanted to learn more about it. That was why I found Nordea Markets appealing.

My greatest hope is simply to learn as much as possible and to create a better understanding of how the financial market works. I also hope to learn what suits me the best and where I can make an impact. I am excited about working – and after studying almost all my life I really look forward seeing what the working life offers. Moreover, I am excited to get to know people in the Nordics that share my financial interest and ambition.

My ambition is to always do my best and be kind to everyone. During my graduate programme, my prior goal is to learn as much as possible and to create a network within Nordea.

darko blazevic graduate

Darko Blazevic (24), Equity Trading, Stockholm

I took my Bachelor’s degree in both mechanical engineering and business administration my Master’s degree in financial mathematics. I work as a dealer within equity trading.

An understanding of financial theories was developed during my studies but with limited understanding of how the real market actually works. This was the main reason to apply to the Graduate programme at Nordea Markets. Additionally, I find the financial market really interesting and fascinating, which for me is the most important aspect and also a key to success, to actually enjoy what you are doing.

First and foremost to develop a deeper general understanding of the market and to actually become a trader. Secondly, to network with other graduates and employees. What excites me the most about starting the Graduate Programme is to get to know all the other graduates, which also gives the opportunity to learn from them.

As for now, the main goal is to learn as much as possible and utilize all opportunities that the Graduate programme brings. For the future, the ambition is to continue as a trader as long as I find it challenging and fun.


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