Visit from BI Norwegian Business School

We invited students to come to Nordea offices in Oslo and spend an evening with us. Read more about the students experiences with the event.

Let me begin this by saying the following, we are continuously amazed by how ambitious and talented many students are. Over and over again students surprise us by their insights in financial markets and by their interest in what we do.

That said; let us go back to the main story of this post. Here in Nordea Markets we are always looking for those who have the drive, the passion and the integrity to ensure that we continue to be no. 1 in the markets in which we operate. And among those are of course students, and believing that maintaining a close relationship with students is essential we often participate in student events. Or, like we did on Thursday, we invite the students to come here, to Nordea offices in Oslo and spend an evening with us.

The formal part of the presentation yesterday was provided by our Chief Analyst, Erik Bruce, who presented the macroeconomic perspective on the Norwegian economy. Furthermore, Martin Jansson and Head of Risk Advisory, Jon Birger Tysnes presented what we can offer students, and what we look for in candidates.

Without downplaying the role of formal presentations, my impression is that the students particularly appreciates the opportunity to talk to Markets employees, Heads, Analysts and Graduates, in somewhat less formal forms than the typical stands or company presentations. Throughout the evening there were a lot of interesting discussions on everything from economics, how to shine when applying for a position and somewhat biased discussions on why choose Nordea Markets.

All in all, it seems like both Nordea and the student were satisfied with the event. The students, hopefully, walk out with a better impression on what we do and what we offer. We ended the evening on a positive note, fully appreciating that we will have excellent applicants also in the future.

3 quick questions for the students:

  1. Why did you participate at the event and did it live up to your expectations?
  2. Would you recommend others to participate at future events?
  3. Could you picture a career in Nordea Markets?


1: Well, I am interested in finance and wanted to explore opportunities within Nordea Markets. And I have obtained both a good impression of Markets as an employer, but also a better understanding of what you do.

2: Absolutely

3: After what I have seen today I could definitely picture myself here. There seems to be many exciting opportunities.


1: I was curious about job opportunities in Nordea Markets and wanted to get some overview as this is my first company presentation while attending BI. And it absolutely stood up to expectations.

2: Yes (being a student the free food is a bonus)

3: Yes


1: I noticed the event on Facebook and the presentations seems interesting. And after I we got the opportunity to discuss macroeconomics with Erik Bruce over dinner the event definitely was more than expected.

2: Yes

3: There are of course very many exciting opportunities once you are finished studying, but Nordea Markets is definitely one of the employers I would consider.


1: I attended to explore opportunities and Nordea is clearly a company which is doing very well. And my impression from the event is that Nordea Markets must be an interesting employer and an exciting place to work.

2: Definitely

3: Yes, it is easy to picture a career in Nordea Markets and a Summer Internship in Nordea Markets would be an excellent place to start.

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