Visit from Financelab Aarhus and Copenhagen University

Friday the 13th we had a group of 16 very engaged students from Financelab Aarhus and Copenhagen University visiting Nordea.
The students were given an introduction to swaps, rate curve construction and collateral agreements and were challenged to try to solve problems taken straight from the trading floor:

  • How swap rates depend on payment frequency.
  • How the value of a swap depends on the type of collateral that can be posted.
  • What collateral one should choose to post in order to be efficient.

IMG_7558 (2)
The students worked intensely in groups and four Nordea employees covering product development, trading and sales from Markets helped and guided the groups, making sure the students bring some learnings home. For the Nordea employees this was a fun way of telling about their world to a group of very interested students.

Afterwards the students speed-dated a larger group of Markets employees with various backgrounds, ranging from junior traders to senior managers. Pairs of students had five minutes to interview an Employee. The mood in the room was relaxed but the noise intense. The hardest part was switching dating-partners because when the five minutes were up, many questions still remained. Those questions, however, could be asked and answered after the speed-dating where snacks and drinks were served and people could mingle.

The day ended with a visit to our trading floor. Hopefully we will see some of the students there again someday… sitting in their own chair 🙂

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