Week 4: Halfway, and soon-to-be experts …

Four intense weeks of our summer internship is now over, and we are halfway through our program – striving hard to learn and know ‘everything’!

Me (Anders) and Asbjørn have spent the last weeks working on a currency hedging project where FX option strategies are used to provide better and smarter solutions than normal forward contracts offer. By now, we are both convinced that we know “everything” there is to know about EUR/XXX forward rates, and that we can provide you with a super great deal! (At least WE think so!) Call Asbjørn for further information … (Or, maybe not ;)))

Enough joking – one thing that is certain is that we work truly hard to learn and know “everything”. At the end of the summer, we will all present the results from our projects in front of Nordea’s ‘scariest’ people – also known as Nordea’s managers. For now, we have put the FX options project on hold, and have started a new project for the Risk Advisory team.

Risk Advisory has asked us to perform an industry benchmark analysis to outline trends and norms within a particular industry. Hopefully, the benchmark analysis will be a great addition to presentations used when Risk Advisory are out talking to customers.

Josefine and Christopher Robin are soon-to-be VBA experts (Visual Basic for Applications) and work intensely on their debt portfolio project. Aside from this, they are also responsible for helping our famous analysts with the morning report, which you can (and should) read at https://nexus.nordea.com/.

The summer vacation has definitely put its mark on the trading floor. The attendance has dropped and noise level calmed down. However, the ones left guarding the ship are working hard to make the wheels go around. We enjoy the summer by eating our lunch outside in the sun and making the most of our well-deserved weekends.

Summer Academy is still a hit. Last Thursday, Risk Advisory held an inspiring session about their work and life in Nordea and this Thursday Research gave a lecture on bonds. After last week’s summer academy session we had a social event at Nordea with some drinks and a big screen showing the last semifinals of the European Championship.


Bye for now, and stay tuned for further updates!

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