Welcome to our new ambitious graduates – meet some of them here

We have officially kicked off this year’s graduate programme in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm. Meet some of our new ambitious graduates.

In September, this year’s graduate programme started off with a “Meet & Greet” breakfast in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm. The event was a great opportunity for the 150 new graduates to get to know each other within and across divisions in Nordea. The canteens in the head offices of Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm were buzzing and you could sense the feeling of excitement among the graduates.

graduate breakfast

Buzzing: The graduates enjoyed a delicious breakfast buffet while mingling and a great vibe filled the room as the graduates chatted with each other.

We attended the breakfast in Copenhagen, where Nordea Group graduate programme manager, Christina Lauridsen, and four former graduates, Francesca, Aleksandra, Remus, and Anders, warmly welcomed the graduates and told about their own experiences of the programme.

graduate breakfast networking sessions

The four former graduates – now all with full time positions at Nordea – introduced themselves and facilitated networking sessions. The graduates split into four smaller groups where they introduced themselves for each other.

Nordea Markets’ graduate programme manager, Anne-Mette Halbæk Bright, also expressed her excitement for the commencement of the graduate programme: “I look forward to being a mentor, coach and sparring partner to our new talents, who have already shown me their great personalities and eagerness to learn”, says Anne-Mette.

Meet some of our graduates in Markets

At Nordea Markets, we are welcoming 19 new graduates, of whom six are located at the Stockholm office, eight in Copenhagen, and five in Oslo. The graduates are working with diverse tasks and responsibilities at different desks within Markets, which – among others – include equity trading, strategy & implementation, investments, and sales & distribution.

group photo nordea markets grads

Nordea Markets Graduates: Stockholm (top left), Oslo (top right), and Copenhagen.

We used the cheerful occasion to talk to some of our new ambitious graduates to hear more about their expectations and goals for the graduate programme at Nordea Markets. Read along and meet a couple of our new graduates and learn a bit more about them; their background, what they do and what they hope to achieve. For starters, meet Matteo, Viktoria and Jens.


Matteo Conti (24), Equity Cash Trading, CopenhagenMatteo Conti graduate

I took my M.Sc. in Finance and Investments at CBS and I decided to apply for the Nordea Graduate program because it is a learning journey where you can meet a lot of people working for different areas of the bank. In this way, you can get a nice overview of the bank and build a strong network at the beginning of your career.

Markets is one of the few places in the world that allows you to be a professional trader at only 24 years old. This is something special about Nordea Markets. People trust you, giving you the chance to grow at a very fast pace both personally and professionally. I hope to get the big picture of how Nordea Markets works, understanding how Markets generate value thanks to the synergies among the different desks and divisions.

After 5 years of university, I am extremely excited to see how things work in practice. School gives you a very theoretical background, but there is a gap between theory and practice and I am thrilled to fill that gap.

When I started as a student in 2018, I hoped to become a trader within 4 years. After only one year I achieved my dream. Now I hope to become a Senior Dealer in 6 years, hopefully it will take less.

viktoria voskressenskaia gradViktoria Voskressenskaia (23), Strategy and Implementation, Stockholm

I have just finished my studies from Linköping University where I have a M.Sc. in Business and Economics and my major is Finance. I applied for the graduate programme because I wanted to work with finance and have the ability to try different professions within Markets. The Graduate programme is a perfect opportunity for that!

I hope to get an understanding of what every unit does at Nordea Markets – and rotating to find out what is most interesting to me. I want to have a steep learning curve by challenging myself and put myself outside the comfort zone.

I’m curious about how markets work when responding to changes in the economics and the society. I’m also excited about working with projects and with different people that have different responsibilities. My goal for the programme is to challenge myself and to have own responsibilities – and of course to grow as a person.

jens mattlin grad

Jens Mattlin (27), Regulatory Strategy and Implementation, Copenhagen

I have an MBA degree and I applied for the graduate programme because I’ve heard great things about it and it seems like a perfect way to kick-start a career within the bank. I applied to Nordea Markets because the operational environment is very interesting and there’s a lot to learn. I hope to achieve a deeper professional competence for my future role within Markets as well as a broad network of contacts.

I’m excited for the whole experience and I always want to develop my knowledge. I believe it is a very interesting time to join the largest bank in the Nordics with regards to low interest rate levels and constantly tightening regulation. We’re experiencing an interesting period in the banking sector! My goal is to have a long and successful career within Nordea.


Meet some of the other new graduates in Markets, namely Sanna Ohde, Martin Wisth Kolltveit, Agnethe Stenersen Lie, and Darko Blazevic, and hear about how and why they entered into the Nordea Graduate Programme, and find out what they desire and expect to achieve.

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