Why is Nordea Students Network so popular?

Get to know Nordea Student Network, what they do and why it is an interesting network to be part of right here!

Andreas Østerheden, Asset Allocation Strategist, underlines the importance of investing from a historical perspective.


A student job at Nordea is much more than just work. The student life also contains social events and networking with peers within the bank. Nordea Students Network in Denmark hosts around 10 get-together-events a year, and this time they hosted an investment seminar with Andreas Østerheden, Asset Allocation Strategist, at Nordea Metro in Copenhagen.

Over 50 students sat nailed to the chair when Andreas shared his insights and knowledge about investing, pensions and how to react in times of uncertainty that we’re currently living in. During the 1 hour seminar he emphasised why it is important for students to consider investing, but you can hear – and see – much more about Andreas’ tips and tricks on how to invest as a student in the upcoming video with him.

However, we can reveal that the seminar was so popular that it was actually overbooked – although not surprising due to the theme. One of the facilitators of the seminar is Nikolaj Thorsen Bager. Nikolaj is Chairman of the Board at Nordea Student Network, and we asked him why this event was overbooked and what the student network is all about.

Why was the investment seminar particularly popular?

Nikolaj Thorsen Bager, student at Nordea Markets Planning and Chairman of the Board at Nordea Student Network.

The feedback from the investment seminar has been very positive. Not only did the students enjoy the presentation, but they also liked the informal environment with beers, sandwiches and the opportunity to network with fellow students in Nordea. We also received a lot of requests for a similar event in the future, and the board of the Student Network will be working towards fulfilling these requests.

The students really liked the informal environment where they could grab a beer, have a sandwich and network

The investment seminar was among the most popular events in Nordea Student Network. We are happy to have gathered so many people for the event.

Students in Nordea are very diversified in terms of nationality, education and job types. But no matter where we come from and what we do, the financial markets are something that affects all of us, whether it is pension-wise, at our job or even with our personal funds. We all carefully follow and have strong opinions on the current geopolitical environment and therefore it was interesting to see if and how it can influence our investments.

What is Nordea Students Network all about?

Nordea Student Network’s main goal is to create a friendly and welcoming environment for students across all departments and locations in Nordea. We aim to create and contribute to a strong network among the student employees, to facilitate interaction, build relationships and help integrate new students into the company.

We organise both social and professional events – like Friday bars, the so-called Bank Bars with other banks, and professional seminars, which the investment seminar was part of. In this way, we try to create both professional environment but also space for social interactions and networking.

Nordea students enjoying a sandwich and discussing the key takeaway messages from the investment seminar.


Why is the network important?

To have students with a network that spans across different job types and business areas within Nordea are an invaluable resource. It creates a deeper understanding of what Nordea is all about and what drives it. It’s also important for Nordea to have a strong relationship between students, which further enforces the positive spirit among them. This is where we believe Nordea Student Network comes in.

For a student to be able to reach out to fellow students with different skill sets not only expands one’s own knowledge base, but it can also help facilitate synergies among the different business areas across Nordea.

If you’re sitting with a feeling that you would have loved to hear the inputs from Andreas Østerheden then don’t despair. Coming up is an article and video with Andreas who among others will talk about why it is worth looking into and perhaps start investing at a young age.

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