World Cup & core networking

Graduates from Nordea once again met - this time to get new perspectives on data in sport, watch football, network and play with graduates at KMD.

Graduates at Nordea attended yet another event in the Danish cross-graduate network – where graduates from various industries and large corporations meet up. Daniel Bäumler, one of the graduates at Nordea, went to the recent network event at KMD where the topic was “Data in sport” – which is something one might think is very different from the everyday life of the graduates at Nordea. Meet Daniel, and hear his take-aways from the event.

By Daniel Bäumler

After a good day at work in the office in Nordea Research, it was time to meet up with some other Nordea graduates to go to the networking event at KMD. The formal part of the event was mostly about KMD’s role in sports and especially football. It took place at KMD’s headquarter in Ballerup, north of Copenhagen.

To begin with, the CEO of KMD, Eva Berneke, welcomed us and gave an introduction to KMD. Hereafter, two employees gave a presentation about their work at KMD and the use of data in sports. Finally, Mads Davidsen, Technical Director of Shanghai SIPG F.C. and professional football coach, presented and shared some first-hand insights and examples about the importance of data analytics in managing a professional football team. The presentations closed with a brief Q&A session on the topics presented.

After the presentations, we had the chance to network with the other graduates attending. To form groups and break the ice, the organisers had set up a little game where all participants found a sign under their chair with instructions on how to find his or her group. During the networking sandwiches and cold beverages were served.

No sports discussion without World Cup

One cannot have an event about sports without mentioning the big football event in Russia this summer. And so the participants were encouraged to guess the outcome of the World Cup match between Switzerland and Serbia, which was broadcasted on a large screen to everyone later at night.

The event was closed with announcing winners of the guessing competition. Connecting the event to the World Cup was well perceived by most participants.

The core of the event

In my opinion, the networking part was the core of the event. It was great to meet young professionals from other fields and industries. I recall very interesting conversations with graduates from Novo Nordisk, Microsoft, Unilever and ATP, for example. Furthermore, I enjoyed that participants were obviously interested in getting to know each other and connecting with graduates from other companies and fields.

I recommend this type of event to graduates who are interested in learning more about other industries or companies, let alone are keen on expanding their professional networks in general.

/ Daniel Bäumler

Want to learn more about the cross-graduate network in Denmark? We have also interviewed Søren Hammer Andersen who has committed his time to organise similar events as the one at KMD and represent Nordea’s graduates.