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We invest in talent across the Nordics

Are you a hard-worker and perhaps top of your class? Great, because as an intern you get to work with finance professionals who are among the best within their field. We recruit talented people who can help us stay number one in the Nordic region.

However, your personality, your character and drive, are equally as important as your academic record. So, top grades is not a prerequisite to join us. If you’re hard-working, curious and eager to learn “everything” there is to know about the financial markets, you would be an ideal candidate.

The student and internship programmes vary from country to country, but the outcome is the same: You will gain valuable experience and develop your professional and personal skills – not to mention the wide network of contacts who will help give you a head start to a career after graduation.

Our job openings are posted on where you can sign up and be notified when relevant positions are announced. You can also stay up to date by following us on Markets LinkedIn page, and read one of the many blogs featuring student life in Markets, (click on the pictures below for inspiration).

Student jobs and internships across the Nordics

DENMARK – Part-time student position

Student position in Markets: As a student employee at Nordea Markets in Denmark, you are typically employed for 15-20 hours a week and usually for a 1-3 year period. In most positions, you are able to put in the hours according to your school schedule, because we think it is important that you focus on your studies and maximise the outcome.

Most students are hired during the spring but occasionally we also employ students ad hoc. Our openings are posted on

Summer internship: At present, we do not run our eight week long summer internships. We will announce when we re-open for summer internships in Denmark.

NORWAY – Part-time students and interns & summer internships

Part-time students are employed on ad hoc basis throughout the year, so keep up to speed on

Summer internship: Each summer, we welcome a new group of about 10 interns to Nordea Markets’ trading floor in Norway. During the 6-8 week-long summer internship you will turn theory into practice and get to learn from the best in the business. The work is demanding but we assure you, its worth – just ask our previous summer interns! Read one of the weekly blogs from the summer interns 2019 – or see how the summer interns 2020 experienced their internship.

During your stay you will be invited to various social events and business seminars and will also attend our yearly event, the Summer Academy, where you meet lots of Nordea Markets employees and other Nordea students. So, you end up not only wiser, but also more connected.

As summer or part-time intern, you must have completed the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree. We expect you to be a high performer, but more than anything else we look for the ‘right’ attitude and personal skills such as confidence, self-driven, hard-working and eager to constantly improve and develop yourself.

Summer internships are published in September/ October every year and part-time internships are published according to our needs. Our hiring process for internships consists of an online application, interviews, relevant tests and cases. Vacant positions will be published on Meanwhile, check-out the various articles on our Career blog.

SWEDEN – Summer, part-time and off-cycle internships

There are three ways for you to join an internship with us in Sweden; you can spend either summer, fall or spring getting equipped for the future. You will work with our team of experts, responsible for clients ranging from the largest Nordic corporations to medium sized companies. Sounds like a great challenge? Well, it is.

(SE) Summer internship in Markets – an eight-week crash course

Want to learn about financial markets and get your foot in the door at the leading capital markets operator in the Nordic region? Then fasten your seat belt.

During your stay with in Markets at the trading floor in Stockholm you will work alongside our specialists and get introduced to all our departments and fields of expertise. Every week you will solve and present a new case related to Equity, Credit, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange and Investments.

To apply for the Markets Summer Internship, please send your application, including cover letter, CV and grade transcripts no later than end December – the specific date will be announced in due time. Apply on

Contact for more information – and have a look at some of the blogs written by summer interns 2019 in Stockholm (photo), or read about the 2020 interns’ experiences with us.

(SE) 10 weeks’ internship in our Advisory team – spring, summer and autumn

Our Advisory team consists of around 80 professionals located at our offices in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm. They complete transactions and work with mergers and acquisitions, leverage buy-outs, initial public offerings and other equity offerings. As an intern in our Advisory department you will work closely with experienced investment bankers. We emphasise a steep learning curve for our junior colleagues and prioritise continuous feedback to support development of your professional skills.

We offer several positions during five periods each year, spring, summer and autumn. Each period lasts for approx. 10 weeks. For more information and questions regarding the Advisory internship, please contact

(SE) 20 weeks’ internship in DCM & Acquisition Financing – spring and autumn 

To start your career as an intern at DCM (Debt Capital Markets) & Acquisition Financing is an excellent opportunity to increase your understanding of financing and risk management. On any given day, your work could range from fundamental credit analysis and financial modelling of acquisitions to assisting in creating sales pitch materials for a high yield bond refinancing or running deals together with more experienced colleagues through the various stages of raising debt in the capital markets.

We offer positions during the spring and autumn. The internships last 20 weeks. For more information regarding the DCM & Acquisition Financing internship, please contact

(SE) 10 or 20 weeks’ internship in Leveraged Finance – spring and autumn

As an integrated part of Nordea Investment Banking, our team of 40 professionals across the Nordics is responsible for delivering first-class debt services and solutions in a broad set of situations, incl. leveraged buyouts, acquisition financing, dividend re-capitalisations and re-financing. Following an intense introduction week you will as a Leveraged Finance intern join a team of highly dedicated and experienced industry professionals.

We offer positions during the spring and autumn. The internship last 10 or 20 weeks. For more information regarding the Leveraged Finance internship, please contact

(SE) – Visit us during Spring Week

If you are at your first or second year of your study, come visit us during Spring Week at our headquarters in Stockholm, and get familiar with some of our key areas:

  • Investment Banking,  Advisory (Corporate Finance)
  • Investment Banking, DCM & Acquisition Financing
  • Leveraged Finance
  • Markets (Sales and Trading)

Next application period for our Spring Week is open February 2021. For more information please contact Also, read the blog from last Spring Week (click on the photo).

(SE) Application overview:

We recruit for our summer and spring internships in September, and for our autumn internships in January/February.

To apply for our internships, please register your CV online on together with a letter of motivation stating why you want to enter the programme. Check application process and exact deadlines for all internships at

FINLAND – Future Finance Professional programme

Visit our Career page, ‘FFP – Finland‘, for information about Markets’ tailored Future Finance Professional programme in Finland.


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