Commissioned research: Eastnine

Eastnine has commissioned Nordea Markets to produce a research report with the aim of providing investors with quality research on the company.

Q2 2018 review Approaching a pure real estate company

The story of Eastnine’s transition into a pure real estate company continues. The only non-real estate holding is now Melon Fashion Group; MFG posted strong numbers and the ongoing turnaround initiative appears successful. The third tower in 3Bures is nearing completion and we expect to see a partial effect from tenants moving in during the fourth quarter.

For the investor that is interested in the latest report on Eastnine, we provide the full downloadable report here.

Q1 2018 review

The quarter in numbers

Eastnine’s Q1 2018 showed good performance: direct real estate saw an investment in Alojas and now accounts for 49% of the invested portfolio. Real estate funds’ NAV performance was 2.4%, while investments contributed to the total 12% increase in segment holdings. Other (non-core) investments saw large divestments, which is positive since it leaves room for the company to acquire direct real estate and focus on the core business. Q1 NAV was EUR 238.1m, the discount to the reported NAV was ~20% at quarter-end and NAV/share for the quarter increased 0.7% (note that many external valuations lie in Q4 and Q2).

For the investor that is interested in the latest report on Eastnine, we provide the full downloadable report here.

Q4 2017 review – The Melon and the momentum

The quarter in numbers

Eastnine’s Q4 2017 showed good performance in all segments: direct real estate was up 6.9% q/q with low leverage, real estate funds were up 2.9% and other investments were up 11.8% (mostly due to a positive revaluation of Melon Fashion Group). 3 Bures was revalued at the upper range of our potential range while MFG was revalued to the upper range of our previous fair value range. Q4 NAV was EUR 242.5m, the discount to the reported NAV was ~15% at year end and return on NAV for the quarter came in at 7.9%

Valuation and revision to fair NAV

We use peer discounts for real estate and historical discounts for Eastnine’s other investments, adjusting for recent developments such as cost improvements. We arrive at a fair value of SEK 82-120, applying a discount of ~3-22% to our NAV.

For the investor that is interested in the latest report on Eastnine, we provide the full downloadable report here.

Eastnine acquires Alojas Biznesa Centrs in Riga

On Friday, Eastnine announced the acquisition of Alojas Biznesa Centrs, a fully rented class-A office complex located in the intersection of Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela and Alojas iela close to Riga, Latvia. The transaction totals EUR 29.6m, 16% of which accounts for a class-B office facility and a building currently dedicated to retail adjacent to the centre. As the company reports that the facilities will add some EUR 2.4m in rental income a year, it seems as if the acquisition yield is around 6.5%, assuming a surplus ratio of ~80%.

Upcoming report on 16 February

In the upcoming report, we look out for news on MFG, which we expect to be impacted by tailwinds from Russian macro trends and recent efforts within the company. We also look out for possible revaluations and divestments among non-core investments.

For the investor that is interested in the latest report on Eastnine, we provide the full downloadable report here.

A pure real estate company in the works

Institutional & Private investors need quality research, which should be balanced, insightful, timely, readable and financially rigorous, and should also be made readily available.

Eastnine was founded and listed as East Capital Explorer by asset manager East Capital in 2007 as an investment company targeting the growing Eastern European economies. More specifically, its target was companies with strong growth outlooks driven by domestic consumption. In May 2016, the investment agreement with East Capital was terminated, and the company became independent with its own investment organisation and introduced a strategic shift towards acquiring and developing directly owned real estate properties in the Baltic capitals.

For the investor that is interested in the previous report on Eastnine, we provide the full downloadable report here.


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