Commissioned research: Oasmia Pharmaceuticals

Decision time

Oasmia Pharmaceuticals is an innovative pharmaceutical development company focused on next‐generation chemotherapy drugs for both human and animal applications.

Oasmia Pharmaceuticals has commissioned Nordea Markets to produce a research report with the aim of providing investors with quality research on the company, which owing to its size might otherwise not receive much attention from the financial markets.

Decision time – Updated 5 March 2018

CHMP opinion expected in April

Oasmia reported an operating loss of SEK 25.2m in Q3 compared with a loss of SEK 34.9m last year. Net sales were SEK 0.7m in Q3, driven by invoiced deliveries of goods to its partner in Russia.

The supplementary data analysis regarding a previous PK study for Apealea has now been completed, in response to questions from the EMA. Oasmia expects to receive a notification from the assessor during April (CHMP will host a meeting on 23-26 April), implying potential market authorisation by the summer. In addition, the process for listing Oasmia’s US subsidiary, AdvaVet Inc, is ongoing and a listing prospectus is expected to be submitted to the SEC soon.

Products begin

Sales of Paclical in Russia have formerly started, with Oasmia shipping products to its distributor during November and January. However, this is still not fully reflected in revenue, as only manufacturing costs are invoiced and it will later receive share of profit.

Estimate changes

We make some adjustments to our near-term estimates to reflect the company’s revenue recognition in Russia and the CHMP opinion on Apealea in April. Our long-term forecasts are unchanged, apart from adjustments owing to FX movements. Assuming the company can deliver on forecasts, we derive a value of share price between SEK 5.7 and SEK 6.8 per share, based on a WACC of 16.2-17.8%.

Read the full updated report here.

Activities on several frontiers – Updated 4 December 2017

Quarterly review – Oasmia Pharmaceuticals

Oasmia Pharmaceuticals reported an operating loss of SEK 22.1m in Q2 compared with a loss of SEK 35.9m last year. Net sales were SEK 1.7m in Q2, driven by distribution rights, and the first Paclical order in Russia was shipped in November. The company also reiterated its ambition to list its veterinary assets in the US, which will likely happen during the first half of next year. The registration process for Apealea in Europe has been a bumpy ride. In September, the company requested extra time (clock stop) to compile supplementary analysis of data from a previously conducted pharmacokinetic study, in response to a question from the assessor. Oasmia intends to submit the results as soon as possible, implying an EMA decision in the next few months.

Estimate changes

We make adjustments to our near-term estimates to reflect a delayed EMA decision, which pushes sales uptake in the EU and the US. Our long-term assumptions are largely unchanged.

Proprietary drug delivery technology

Oasmia is an innovative pharmaceutical development company focused on next-generation chemotherapy drugs for human and animal applications. Its product pipeline is built on an in-house developed drug delivery technology, XR-17, which enhances formulations by creating micelles that encapsulate the API and improve water solubility without the use of any toxic solvents.

Late-stage assets

Founded almost 20 years ago, Oasmia has been on a long journey, but it could soon be able to capitalise on its early research efforts. Paclical, its lead asset and a combination of paclitaxel and XR-17, has completed ph III and is awaiting a response from the EMA about market approval.

We provide the full report here.

Updated 4 September 2017, with Quarterly review

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Updated 19 June 2017, with impressions from Oasmia’s 2017 CMD

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Updated report – 13 June 2017

Read the full report here.

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Issuer review

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