Commissioned Research: Scanfil

Commissioned Research

Article by: Nordea Markets

The core strengths we see in Scanfil are its elastic business model and extensive experience in the electronics manufacturing services sector.

Scanfil has commissioned Nordea Markets to produce a research report with the aim of providing investors with quality research on the company.

Improving demand supports full-year earnings – Updated 17 April 2018

Scanfil’s time to shine

Scanfil has witnessed an improvement in customer demand since the beginning of the year and upgraded its full-year 2018 EBIT guidance from EUR 33-37m to EUR 36-40m. We also upgrade our EBIT estimate by some 5%. Our new revenue growth forecast is 7%, while our new EBIT margin estimate for 2018E is 6.7% (previously 6.4%).

Volumes have been good in Q1

One of the main reasons for Scanfil’s recent improvement is its broader customer portfolio. Scanfil is not more dependent on the telecom sector and we argue that increased volumes have been the main driver behind the strong Q1 rather than product mix or pricing. There has not been one individual customer making the difference and the improving demand is instead coming from several sectors. Raw materials represent some 70% of revenue and cost inflation could very well be a threat for the company. However, the time lag for a raw material cost recovery is good as Scanfil acquires components based on the customer order.

The range in our valuation approach is EUR 5.0-6.1

We base our fair value on a combination of peer group and DCF analysis. The equally weighted range from our four different valuation approach drivers (DCF, P/B, EV/EBITDA and P/E) is EUR 5.0-6.1 (previously EUR 4.8-5.9).

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Scanfil’s time to shine – Updated 6 April 2018

An unnoticed jewel

Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) player Scanfil is active in the electronic device subcontractor market, which is set to grow by over 6% globally per year, according to IDC. The company has what we consider to be the right strengths in

the very competitive EMS sector, allowing it to protect its market position. We also believe that the operating margin improvement seen last year will continue this year.

A survivor in a competitive industry

Scanfil has faced several difficult years, but has emerged a survivor. The core strengths we see in the company are its elastic business model and extensive experience in the EMS sector.

Valuation is slightly below the sector median

We expect market demand for EMS subcontractors to remain strong for the next ten years at least. Small subcontractors typically trade at a small discount compared to larger

competitors. We do not expect Scanfil to grow faster than the industry and therefore do not find a clear premium compared to peers warranted.

We base our fair value on a combination of peer group and DCF analysis. The equally weighted range from our four different valuation approach drivers (DCF, P/B, EV/EBITDA and P/E) is EUR 4.8-5.9.

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