Female Invest determined to tackle gender investment gap

It's probably no surprise that men dominate investments in Denmark. But one organisation, with a little help from Nordea, is keen to change that.

Leading the way: Female Invest is on a mission and, with Nordea’s help, co-founder Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen wants more women involved in investments. Photo: Female Invest

There’s quite a gender investment gap in Denmark. And Female Invest is determined to do something about it.

Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen, one of the founders of Female Invest, was struck by the dispiriting truth that three out of four Danish women think they lack the knowledge to invest. When she started to explore a bit further, it was evident, she says, speaking last month at Nordea’s headquarters in Copenhagen, that women were simply less visible in investment debates and organisations.

Most of the stock market’s value was in the hands of men, says Hartvigsen, and it was at that point that the idea came in collaboration with co-founders Emma Bitz and Caroline Stasig to found Female Invest at the start of 2017 with the specific aim of getting more women engaged in the world of investing.

Introducing stock picking
Female Invest’s mission coincides with Nordea’s commitment to offer equal opportunities for men and women and ensure equal access to financial services at every step of the investment process. It was then a natural evolution for a partnership between Female Invest and Nordea culminating last month in the seminar and networking event on the topic of how to pick stocks.

Hartvigsen, who also doubles up as a business analyst for Deloitte Consulting, gave an introduction on how to get started with investment, pointing out that collaboration with Nordea can help women enter the financial industry.

As to whether women should invest or not, the message was clear. “On average, women live longer than men,” a Female Invest statement said. “Women live longer than men. This means that women – due to higher average life expectancy – have more years to finance. Yet today, women usually end up with smaller savings than men even though they need their money to last longer. Women can actually minimize the gap by investing themselves and we are good at it.”

Head of Nordea Research, Thomas Winther Sørensen, also took the stage to share his three best tips on how to pick stocks and make a good investment to an audience of some 60 curious stock pickers.

“Empirical studies show that women are indeed the super investors of the world – on a global scale, women save more and earn higher returns on their investments,” said Sørensen. “Yet, jobs in the financial markets are predominantly held by men.”

“We are very excited to team up with Female Invest for an discussion on investing, and how we can make our industry more accessible and attractive to women”.

Partnership: Head of Nordea Research Thomas Winther Sørensen was keen to push an agenda that enables women to invest with more confidence at the Nordea-held event last month. Photo: Female Invest

*  The next Female Invest event in conjunction with Nordea will be held on April 25 at HQ in Copenhagen. Read more about Female Invest on their website, femaleinvest.dk 


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