I’m a business leader, but am I about to miss the AI-train?

Am I about to miss the AI-train? If so, what should I do about it? We encourage business leaders to learn the basics and get the company on board.


Do these questions look familiar?

I hear and read about artificial intelligence everywhere, but what is all the fuss really about? Does everyone else see things I don’t? Have other companies already implemented AI? Are we about to be left behind? Is AI relevant for me or my business?

We suspect that many will recognise these questions – and we think they are good and relevant thoughts to have. In the last chapter of our Nordea On Your Mind report, we offer some suggestions for how to address these thoughts head-on.

There is no silver bullet, and there is most likely no quick fix available for embedding AI into your business; it is not something you can buy off a shelf and click into action. Like most complex challenges, however, a great start is understanding the issue, gathering the facts, and considering your needs and options in a structured and coherent way.

Four simple steps

We like the checklist approach presented in AI platform provider Peltarion’s AI handbook for leaders, which outlines the steps for understanding and exploring AI for your business as follows:

  1. Gain a basic understanding of AI
  2. Think about what business problems AI could potentially solve for your company
  3. Determine what data is already available, and what else you might be able to get
  4. See what AI tools are available and which could work well for you

If you want more detail for each of the above steps then download our latest report:

How to get access to the report

Don’t miss the AI-train – clarity helps! Photo: Daria Melnyk/gettyimages

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