Insights from Planmeca – a success built on passion, risk and trust

This is a story about great achievements and a long-lasting partnership built on trust, commitment and finance

We visited Planmeca to learn more about their impressive journey – from vision to exellence. And we’re pleased to share their story with you.

It all began back in 1971 with a small-scale business manufacturing dental stools in Finland. Today Planmeca is recognised worldwide as a global market leader within health care technology, developing and producing X-Ray devises, 3D technology, scanners and much more.

As the sole banking partner, Nordea has, from the very beginning, supported and joined Planmeca along its +40 years’ fascinating journey; through ups and downs, during rapid growth to overcoming financial crises and to achieving success.

“It is very important that we get the support from Nordea. Our working relationships have been excellent from the beginning and onwards,” says Veli Mäkelä, Vice President at Planmeca.

“If there is a situation where we feel that there is a risk in the market, whether it is the currency or the interest rate, then we know we can get help from Nordea”.

Meet the founder of Planmeca and his Vice President, and hear their story about Planmeca’s hefty expansion and revolutionary development, and see why it is paramount to have a close and long-standing collaboration with a trustworthy bank.

“The bank needs to have good products and good pricing and be transparent in the pricing. When you see that, of course trust is built – and there is a great trust,” states Planmeca – the largest privately held company in the field of dental equipment.

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Planmeca is a global leader in many fields of health care technology, with products distributed in over 120 countries and 2,700 employees worldwide. For more info visit

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