Operations (post trade)

Capital Markets Services provides excellence in post trade services and support related to all product types traded within Nordea Markets.

Operations is the back office contact point for all private and corporate customers securing timely and professional execution of services including trade settlement, corporate actions, confirmation matching and all reconciliation services related to these areas. We cater for solutions that increase settlement efficiency and reduce risk.

In order to specialize and provide efficient service, activities are split between Customer Operations and Securities Operations, according to products.

Customer Operations and Securities Operations are both based in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm. We have more than 150 experts with long experience that can answer questions and solve problems. We can also provide expertise and assistance in process related matters.

The areas we cover

For SSI’s for Securities Operations, please use the SSI corresponding to the Nordea legal entity that the trading is done with.




We handle trades settled over Nordea accounts and trades settled over accounts with other banks. We offer a wide range of services:

  • For FX and Derivatives trades we offer the service to debit your account with another bank directly.
  • Solutions so you can settle your trades net or gross – for some products according to the market standards, and for some products according to your preferences.
  • Operate on a Nordic level with common infrastructure that allow us to settle cross border.
  • We provide you with the opportunity to become a CLS 3rd party member via Nordea, as we are Settlement Member of CLS (Continuous Linked Settlement) which is an FX settlement system based on payment-versus-payment that eliminates counterparty risk and minimises operational risk.


By using electronic confirmations the matching process will be more efficient and the operational risk lower. We connect to several confirmation matching systems through which we can offer to send our confirmations to you.

  • Nordea match confirmations in CLS/Misys/CMS, Triana Harmony (for FX), FXAll, etc.
  • If you sign a consent agreement all confirmations can be received by email. Regulatory requirements require faster exchange of confirmations – signing up for email confirmations will improve this process.
  • Confirmations can also be received by SWIFT, fax or regular mail.

Customer Operations maintain your static data and settlement information

  • Account and Standard Settlement Instructions.
  • Address or name.
  • Fax, mail or BIC (SWIFT-address).

For SSI’s for Securities Operations, please use the SSI corresponding to the Nordea legal entity that the trading is done with.

Nordea Markets Security SSI

Securities SSI for Nordea Bank Abp Markets

Nordea Markets FX/MM & Derivatives SSI 

FX & Derivatives SSI

Money Market SSI Denmark

Money Market SSI Sweden

Money Market SSI Finland

Money Market SSI Norway

Securities Nordea, DK Nordea Bank Danmark, filial af Nordea Bank Abp
Sec. Equity Finance, SE Nordea Bank Abp, Equity Finance

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