LEI – Legal Entity Identifier Information

Are you trading derivatives, currencies, bonds, equities, ETFs or other financial instruments traded on a trading venue?


Cooperation with Arctic

Nordea has entered into a cooperation with Arctic which provides a dedicated service where acquiring a LEI code only takes a few minutes. Their fast, easy and smooth process is completed in three simple steps

  1. Fill in company details
  2. Review and sign using local official authentication (NemID or BankID)
  3. Complete registration and Arctic sends you the LEI code

Select your preferred language for acquiring your LEI code

 Danish LEI Form  Norwegian LEI Form  Swedish LEI Form

Do you want to take advantage of the LEI code full service option from Arctic, just send your current LEI code and Contact information (e-mail, Name and Company name) to leireg@arctic.com


Submit your LEI code


Need to submit more than one company?

If you need to submit multiple companies, you can use our excel sheet for submitting multiple companies.

Download Excel sheet for submitting multiple LEI Codes

Instructions for using the multiple LEI code sheet, is included in the excel file.  Once you have filled out the LEI codes, please send the excel sheet to LEI@nordea.com

Executive summary:

All you need to know about Legal Entity Identifier (LEI):

EU has issued a new set of regulations to secure that those who trade financial instruments are uniformly identified. Unless you have an LEI code, you will not be able to trade many of the most common financial instruments in the EU. This might sound complicated and difficult, but it is actually fairly easy to get a LEI code. We have created a guide that explains how to get a LEI and let you continue trading.

What should you do?

  1. Acquire a LEI code from one of the official LEI Code issuers.
  2. Submit your LEI to Nordea.
  3. Once you have received an approval from Nordea, you can trade equity, bonds and ETF’s as usual.



What is LEI?

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a 20-digit, alphanumeric code that connects to key reference information that enables clear and unique identification of companies participating in global financial markets. LEI is designed to create a global reference data system that uniquely identifies every legal entity or structure, in any jurisdiction, that is party to a financial transaction.

Why do we need a global identification system?

In 2011 ,following the financial crisis, the G20 called on the Financial Stability Board (FSB) to provide recommendations for a global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) and a supporting governance structure. This led to the development of the Global LEI System which, through the issuance of LEIs, now provides unique identification of legal entities participating in financial transactions across the globe. The FSB emphasized that global adoption of the LEI underpins multiple “financial stability objectives” and also offers “many benefits to the private sector”.

Who needs a LEI?

LEI codes are required for all legal entities falling into one of the categories below:

  • All entities trading derivatives (except for private individuals)
  • All entities issuing equity, debt and all entities listed on an exchange
  • All entities trading equity or debt (except for private individuals)

All entities supervised by a financial regulator and their affiliates, subsidiaries and holding companies.

Can I get an LEI code on my own?

Yes. Obtaining an LEI code is done by self-registration at an active and endorsed Local Operating Unit (LOU). There are some 30 LOUs responsible for issuing LEIs, validating legal entity information, and maintaining LEIs on behalf of the registrants.

What does it cost?

Registration and maintenance fee are set from the guidelines of the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and all fees are on a strictly cost-covering basis. Registration cost is approximately 100€ and 100€ in annual maintenance per registered entity.

Who issues LEI codes?

A LOU endorsement is an approval from the ROC that the LOU fulfils its requirements and obligations

The number of active and endorsed LOUs is increasing rapidly. You can find the most recent list available on the ROC site.


Request LEI code from Arctic

For Nordea customers operating in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, we
recommend using Arctic:

For Nordea customers operating in other Nordic countries –
following LOUs are currently operational.

Nordea LEI Status

Nordea Entities

Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI)
Legal Entity Registered LEI
Nordea Bank Abp 529900ODI3047E2LIV03
Nordea Hypoteksbank Plc 7437001LESKGLAEOEU84
Nordea Hypotek AB (publ) 5493000K2HPWIF6MFO29
Nordea Eiendomskreditt AS 549300TTWFTM3HRP0618
Nordea Liv & Pension, Livsforsikringsselskab A/S 529900CTPO9HC9D2CH74
Nordea Livförsäkring Sverige AB 529900MUOVW4H06TQA34
Livsforsikringsselskapet Nordea Liv Norge AS 5299005TCAEGOHRI6930
Nordea Life Assurance Finland Ltd 529900K08EYX3I3MTH59
Nordea Bank S.A. (Luxembourg) 549300HRD8DR1Q6K8X60



Get your LEI code in time – reduce your business risk and contribute to financial market transparency


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