Insights from PFA – a story about trust

Trust is not something you can achieve with a nice brochure or a brilliant logo or a marketing campaign. Trust is between people.

“Invest with strategic business partners that acknowledges the responsibility you have as an investor,” tells Christian Lindstrøm Lage, Chief Investment Officer at PFA Asset Management, as he reflects on the business relations between PFA and Nordea.

“There are a lot of banks around the world that would like to trade with PFA, but clearly it is only a small proportion that we allow to get that close to our business as we do with Nordea. We have a long-standing relationship built on trust and commitment,” says Christian and explains: “Trust is not something you can achieve with a nice brochure or a brilliant logo or a marketing campaign. Trust is between people, and that’s really what it takes”. And that’s the crux of a beneficial business partnership – and that is what this customer story is about.

Ups! Tillad marketing cookies for å se innhold som dette fra Nordea

The fluctuations in the financial markets present opportunities and challenges, and when ‘usual’ unexpected events strikes and shakes the markets – and with it a company’s financial situation – that is when the partnership, the commitment and trust are put to the test.

“The ability to demonstrate your commitment through your actions is important, an example of this was in 2008 when Lehman collapsed; the whole industry struggled to fund investments outside Denmark,” tells Christian Lage, who nine years after still remembers – like it was yesterday – how “Nordea showed commitment and helped secure PFA’s foreign investments when other banks pulled back”.

The history of PFA’s and Nordea’s partnership goes way back – through ups and downs, with struggles and celebrations – and today, after decades, the close ties are intact, perhaps stronger than ever. “Having a large institutional customer like PFA tell their story about our partnership in this film, is a great acknowledgement. PFA’s statements put emphasis on the fact that a relationship built on trust and commitment will solve any issues the volatile markets may throw at us – as our historic partnership shows,” says Peder Bach, FICC Head of Sales & Research, Denmark.

“Through our engagement and deep understanding of the customer’s business situation we know the challenges they are facing, and that knowledge enables us to help our customers and partners turn obstacles into opportunities,” Peder states.

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