Our story

At Nordea Markets we have a rare combination of local expertise and global strength which gives you, our customer, the opportunity to use us for a wide variety of financial services and solutions.

In fact, in all of the Nordics, you’d have a hard time finding a product range as strong and diversified as ours (and we can give you excellent liquidity in local currencies too). But most importantly, we have a huge team of outstanding specialists ready to serve you, no matter what your financial challenge might be.

Made up by two components only

The heart and soul of Nordea Markets is made up by two very important components. The first one is our customers which we always strive to build long lasting partnerships with. We give straightforward advice with a minimum of corporate mumbo jumbo and we take pride in always doing our best, because the quality of our advice is as important to us as to the customers we serve.

The other component is our people, because without all our massively talented specialists we wouldn’t have any advice to give. At Markets, for every specific financial need our customers might have, we address them to the very best of our abilities, and adjust our role to the specific needs.

This is why we’re the leading international capital markets operator, and investment banking partner, of the Nordic and Baltic Sea region, part of the biggest Nordic bank, Nordea.