Emerging Markets

Emerging markets often offer lots of opportunitites, but have heavy local restrictions that can turn opportunities into an administrative and time-consuming process. With in-depth market knowledge of and experience with trading and hedging opportunities in emerging markets, our designated team is able to provide thorough advice and execution capabilities to you.

We offer customised solutions that ensure efficient execution, and we are proud to be the preferred partner of many of our customers on emerging markets currencies.

Strong and reliable partner

  • Strong ratings
  • Relationships with other settlement banks with strong ratings
  • Tailor-made solutions


Experience and market expertise

  • Designated team of experienced emerging markets specialists, traders, sales teams and economists
  • In-depth market knowledge of local trading and hedging opportunties and restrictions
  • Tailor-made research by economist teams


Execution capability

  • Smooth and efficient execution enabled by thorough advice on local restrictions
  • Nordea Markets can even settle on onshore accounts in restricted currencies when requirements by local authorities are met


Nordea Markets offers

  • Home markets expertise in Estonia, Latvia, Lithunia, Russia
  • Particular expertise in Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey


Contact us

Emerging markets

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  Shanghai +86 216 340 5111 Send email
  Other countries, contact one of the above Send email

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