FX & money markets

Nordea Markets’ team of international foreign exchange and money markets experts combines specialist knowledge in all areas with proven excellence and market insight.

We create solutions tailored specifically to your foreign exchange or money markets needs.

Market leaders

We are the largest bank in the Nordic region which gives us the expertise, strength and liquidity to deliver the best FX & MM services in northern European currencies.

No matter what your company’s sector, size or risk management needs, we can help you with professional solutions and confidential advice based on your specific needs and challenges.

In foreign exchange our products include spots and forwards, swaps, NDFs and NDOs, options (including strategic and exotic solutions) and TARF (FX Target Remption Forwards). In money markets we offer cash deposits, CD, ECP and triparty repos.

Electronic trading

Our electronic trading platform, e-Markets, offers secure pricing information and FX trading, with customisable integrated solutions for your organisation and wide access to multi-bank platforms.

In order to access our market-leading pricing and liquidity in Scandinavian currencies via a FIX connection, read more about the FIX API.


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