e-Markets, as easy to use as mosquito repellent

Noragent uses e-Markets to manage and hedge currency risks

The Norwegian company, Noragent AS is one of many customers who use e-Markets: “I used to call my contact at Nordea Markets but now, with the new services in Nordea e-Markets, I am in full control of what I need and can conduct my business myself. This provides flexibility and efficiency which is important to me”.

Hoppsan! Tillåt marknadsföringskakor för att se innehåll som detta från Nordea

Nordea Markets’ digital service, e-Markets adds value to our customers who trade with foreign countries by giving them the opportunity to follow the market, initiate transactions between their currency accounts or hedge their FX risks using forwards. The portal also contains all trading related documents for FX and Interest Rate derivatives.

Watch the video to hear Noragent’s experience with using e-Markets for their business.



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