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As the biggest Nordic bank, we have the solutions you need to interact with Scandi Liquidity. Our Execution Advisory Specialists let you manage your FX trades efficiently while minimising market impact and transaction cost. Our extensive FX algo suite covers the full spectrum of any FX transaction needs, from passive to aggressive, with a unique access to both Scandi and Major liquidity.

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Key Benefits of using algos:

  • Control over market impact
  • Access to different liquidity pools
  • Allows capturing spread
  • Transparent and understandable algorithm logic


Watch our webinar on the key drivers and benefits of using fx algos:

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Our Algos

Benchmarking algos

An algorithm that targets the time weighted average price (TWAP) benchmark and strives to minimize slippage against it.

An algorithm that targets the volume weighted average price (VWAP) benchmark.

This algorithm participates in the market passively based on the percentage of historical volume (POHV) in the traded currency pair.


Execution optimisation algos

A passive liquidity providing algorithm that will never cross the mid-price.


An algorithm meant for urgent but smart execution.

The Sweep algorithm uses the smart order routing logic to take liquidity aggressively. Sweep gathers all the available liquidity from firm and last-look ECNs. These sources are evaluated dynamically by the algorithm to find an optimal allocation between the available liquidity sources.

Download our factsheet covering all our fx algo strategies.


How to trade and tutorials


Watch our webinar on how to choose an algo strategy and the role of analytics:

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How to trade on different platforms:

Nordea’s algos can currently be traded on Bloomberg and FXall.
We have created a complete guide on our algos suitable for both electronic trading portals.
Please download your guide below:

Nordea FX algos fact sheet for Bloomberg

Nordea FX algos fact sheet for FXall



We have produced a series of articles related to FX algo trading and market trends. Have a read below!

Article 1: FX Algorithms – putting the computers to work

What is FX algorithmic trading exactly and when to use it? Our expert Martin Månsson explains it all.

Article 2: The rise of FX algos at Profit & Loss

The Profit & Loss Scandinavia event gathers the Scandinavian FX community and outlines themes, topics and FX products that are surfacing in the industry. This was the 6th annual event this year held in Stockholm. Participating as a panelist was Nordea Market’s very own Niklas Jahnsson. We caught up with the Algo Quants and Insights expert to learn more.

Article 3: Learnings from BIS
Bank for International Settlement (BIS) released their report on monitoring of fast-paced electronic markets in September 2018. The report takes an outset in the fact that Foreign Exchange markets have undergone significant structural changes in recent years.



Please reach out to your local FX team for advice on our algos and choosing the best algo strategy.

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